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Are you stuck in Tutorial hell?

Are you stuck in Tutorial hell?

Let's get you out of tutorial hell today with actionable steps!

Devesh B
·Jun 16, 2021·

2 min read

If you are then you are not alone. Every new developer goes through it so it's completely normal. I would like to share how I came out of tutorial hell.

I used to get ideas for creating web apps but didn't know how to implement them and used to search for some tutorials and code along with it, this is when I got stuck in tutorial hell.

I created a lot of projects only by watching tutorials without gaining any actual knowledge. I was totally dependent on youtube channels like traversy media, web dev simplified, florinpop, and many more. I just copy-pasted their code, this is the worst you could do.

  • I would like to tell you that it's totally fine watching tutorials but after watching and creating the app try implementing something of your own in the app, try and customize the app, play with the colors, take some effort to make it our own.

  • Also after creating the app try creating a clone of it without watching the tutorial and change the complete UI, use your own imagination, and see how much you have learned watching the tutorial, you would really see the difference.

  • After you get comfortable with the language I would suggest you clone the app before watching the tutorial, it would be a good challenge and it would boost your energy and improve your skills too.🚀

  • If you want ideas for your next project leverage GitHub and look through people's code, you'll not only get ideas but you'll also learn conventions and practices to write clean code.

It's not that difficult to get out of tutorial hell, just take a small break and try creating projects all by yourself, leverage websites like Google, StackOverflow and understand the code before copy-pasting, you'll get stuck in the start but eventually, you'll nurture yourself to become a better programmer.

I hope this blog helped you in some way or another and you'll definitely take the necessary actions to get out of tutorial hell. Also, make sure you help others by sharing the article, it really motivates me to write more blogs. And last but not least, you can follow me on Twitter @Deveshb15, where I post regular content related to web development and life in general.

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